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for the president. up four points in the cnn poll. this new arg poll, another nonprofit telephone poll has him up only two points. this is i think the florida of 2012 in that mitt romney can win florida. he can win virginia. but he really must win ohio to have a really credible path to 270 votes. that's why you see both these campaigns sending their top contenders, sending the president and the republican nominee to ohio and back again over and over. >> yeah. rachel, i want to talk with you about early voting versus election day voting in that state. this ohio poll shows the president winning about over 6 in 10 early voters but losing election day voters, 51 to 44% to mitt romney. and the romney campaign is saying the president has peaked too soon. what do you get the sense from the ground read there? >> i agree with susan. ohio is the all-important state of this election. you're really seeing the obama people talking up early voting. you hear president obama talk about it again and again. you saw michelle obama voting early. they feel pretty good about their ohio numbers. certainly this is a raz
for me. but there are other websites that do the same thing that we do. and three or four others and they all show basically the same thing. there's no way to slice and dice the data in ohio or iowa or wisconsin right now and say that romney is winning there. in fact, the polls would have to mess up by quite a bit for that to occur. that could happen. there have been years like 1980 in which the race went way different than the polling. but we're now in the phase where it's no longer a question of who is ahead in the electoral college in the polls, so much as will the polls have a really bad year? and they could and we account for that possiblibility. but that's why you see some conservatives now are no longer bothering to say that we're winning in these states. they are saying that the polling is wrong. every now and then that's right. usually it's wishful thinking. >> nate silver you are a man at the center of the storm in a way that i bet you did not expect to be. thank you for continuing to be cogent and rational and patient throughout all of it. >> thank you, rachel.
months in the private sector alone. >> mitt romney regularly belittles the president's inability to bring the unemployment rate down to much below eight percent and insists he would do better. >> it's not going to be like the last four years. jobs have been too scarce. i know what it takes to bring them back, and i'm going to do that and make sure you get a job. >> but experts say neither candidate has a quick fix for america's sluggish job market, at last count there were an estimated 23 million americans looking for a job or for more work. >> we're dealing with mass unemployment that, in the medium term, will be a big drag on the economy. and so the first priority for any new president ought to be figuring out how we can reduce unemployment by some significant measure. >> jamelle bouie is with the american prospect magazine. he contends mitt romney's proposals to cut personal income and corporate taxes, reduce the size of government, roll back regulation and boost energy exploration could generate jobs but only over the long term. moody's analytics estimated that the president's propose
. the paper's editorial board writes, quote, voters should give mitt romney a chance to correct the nation's fiscal course and to implode the partisan gridlock that shackled washington and the rest of the america with want understanding he would face the aim assessment in four years if he does not succeed. pundits debate the value of these endorsement, so why does in matter? iowa's six electoral votes could decide who sits in the oval office january 20th. right now the president has a slim two-point lead if you average the recent state polls and the register's endorsement could give romney the boost he needs. it validates romney there, not to mention this is the time the register endorsed a republican in 40 years, the last one was richard nixon in 1972. we know how it turned out. mitt romney is heading to dann port this evening. the president is sending the first lady there today and joe biden on thursday. i want to put up a quote from my friend rory cooper who said "the des moines register" enl dorised carter, mondale, gore and couldn't endorse another four years of obama. wow. you see fo
affected. both candidates are off the trail. mitt romney may show up as close as new jersey. >> gretchen: the president says he needs four more years to fix the economy. what has he accomplished over the first four years? we will take a closer look. charles gasparino from the "fox business" network with startling numbers just ahead. >> steve: and then a daring rescue after more than a dozen people on a replica ship made for a movie were stranded at sea. one of the brave heros who rescued 14 of those crew members will join us live bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race. no need to get nasty. here's your "honk if you had an affair with taylor" yard sign. looks good. [ male announcer ] fedex office. now save 50% on banners. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn
roger altman they think no matter who is elected we'll be looking at a better economy in the next four years. you sound like you're more in that camp but i don't want to put words in your mouth. >> well, i think mitt romney is uniquely qualified to lead us through that, and i think president obama will do a better job than he's done so far, but he really hasn't had the training, i mean, and he has never been successful in getting really much accomplished, and i really believe mitt romney would be much better on that i think he's the man for this job right now, and i believe he's going to get it. >> i guess in terms of getting things accomplished for the obama campaign has pointed to things like health care, they've pointed to detroit to the turnaround and your point is jobs and the economy has been where they have not done enough? >> well, they've taken romney's health care plan in massachusetts and taken it national, which romney would never have done and doesn't believe in. but i don't know that they've done very much. the auto thing is going along fine. i think there's a very good a
campaigning hard in this campaign states. >> on the closing weeks governor romney has been using all of his talents to dress up these very same policies that have filled our country so badly. the very same policies that we have been cleaning up for the past four years. >> there is no question in my view that we cannot have a four year is the last four years. i know that the people are all, art chanting for more years. but we are thinking of just five more days. >>pam: president barack obama got a surprising endorsement from the new york mayor, mayor he made that announcement and using this extreme weather for his stance on climate change with a strong environmental record on his first term in office and adding that he was disappointed that he tried policy reversals from mess from the including climate change. and take a look at it this climate change making its way into the mess from the campaign event with victims of the storm. he was even heckled about it. this man shoving that will cost the monster storm was climate change. essentially, this person's selling was pulled down >> and speaki
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>> thanks very much. >>[ mitt romney ] there are two very different paths the country can take. one is a path represented by the president, which, at the end of four years, it'd mean we'd have $20 trillion in debt. i'll get people back to work with 12 million new jobs. i'm gonna make sure that we get people off of food stamps not by cutting the program but by getting them good jobs. i'll work with you. i'll lead you in an open and honest way and to make sure that we all together maintain america as the hope of the earth. i'm'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. as the hope of the earth. we had a good group of people. good group of employees out there. this was a booming place. and mitt romney and bain capital turned it in to a junk yard. i was suddenly, 60 years old. i had no health cacare.. mainly i was thinking about my family. how am i going to take care of myf amily. he promised us the same things he's promising the united states. and he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. anncr: priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >>> that
. >> what he did with what he inherited made the problem worse. [applause] in just four short years she borrowed $6 trillion nearly, adding almost as much debt held by the public as of prior american presidents combined. gerri: clearly that was not president obama. that was mitt romney in the campaign trail today in his economic speech. he is lying out his argument that we are having to bar from the chinese for everything we buy. is that a good enough answer for what is going on? >> well, i think what the president, of course, wantsto say is that we have had some significant job growth. he uses a umber 5 million because he ignores the government sector. even if you use the actual number which is about 4 million jobs, most of that job growth is jobs that accommodate the growth in the population. so unfortunately he number is actually 87 percent of all jobs created have just accommodate the growth of population. so what we are getting is about 18,000 jobs per month since the turnaround in june of 2009. that means that it will take our entire lifetime just to get our jobs back that we lost
. and finally, barack obama masks are out-selling mitt romney masks by a margin of 60 to 40 according to the costume marketer spirit halloween which claims its unscientific survey has accurately predicted the last four presidential elections. time will tell. coming up, anthony mason with,,, ♪ i waited till i saw the sun ♪ i don't know why i didn't come ♪ >> osgood: don't know why put norah jones on the charts back in 2002, part of an album that made her a recording star virtually overnight. this morning she talks with anthony mason for the record. ♪ sunrise, sunrise ♪ looks like morning in your eyes ♪ >> reporter: sunnies one of the most popular singers of the past decade. but norah jones still wishes she could change her voice. >> i've always wanted to sound older than i am. when i sing, i've always wanted to sound rougher than it does. >> reporter: have you tried to make your voice rougher? >> it's not worth it. i mean, yes, but it's not worth it. >> reporter: age doesity vent ally. >> age will do it. i can wait. ♪ come away with me ♪ in the night >> reporter: what s
, they want a plan. romney has a plan. he's been talking act what he's going to do. he's loose on details. he's been talking commitments. barack obama has a four-year record and talking about his commitments. keeping the affordable care act is a big thing. you can't say there's nothing to it. either there's a huge imposition on the american populous or it's not. it's not big deal you are going to keep this piece of legislation. this whole he doesn't have a plan thing is overstated. part of the weirdness of this campaign is this forcing mechanism that is going to happen the day after the election. it's bizarre. it's going to happen in the lame duck session. it's also impossible in some ways to be too specific about what you are going to do in those negotiations. it is a negotiation. what do we think the mandate is coming out of this if barack obama is reelected. the first thing he's got to do is deal with this emergency. what does it look like? >> we see he was detailed back when this fiscal crisis, not the crisis on the balance sheet, the pretty cal crisis has been rehearsed three times. >> y
. and are you ready for basketball? the warriors a huge payday. curry with a four year extension he will be in the playoffs tonight with phoenix. and the somewhat of a surprise the center, and her will be in the lineup. >> happy halloween >>> how the president and mitt romney's response to superstorm sandy could affect their campaigns? >> as the stars share own devastation and head back to work. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >>> "the insider" is on. >>> we have lost power. water. we're in darkness. >> kelly ripa evacuated in sa y sandy's aftermath. >> anderson hit by flooding. >> my house is under two feet of water. >> how the media is covering the tragedy. >> it's like the apocalypse. >>> plus, the president's jersey flyover today. romney's florida rally. how the candidates are handling campaigning after the disaster? >> one thing that disappeared from his speech was making fun of mitt romney. >>> kate moss topless and opening up about drugs. >>> new katy perry with her dad. >> you're taking your dad tonight?
are being asked by both candidates to take a leap of faith. given what we know about the previous four years, we decided that it was going to be an easier but to go with the president for four more. host: how many times have you seen president obama, governor romney, or their surrogates in your state? guest: president obama has been here eight times this year, governor romney has been here 6. paul ryan may be eligible to vote, he's been here that much. joe biden has been here once. we have had a lot of its from michelle obama. we have seen plenty of action this cycle. host: bill clinton could be coming to your state. he is scheduled to campaign for the president today in colorado. he was supposed to be in colorado springs tuesday but cancelled due to the storm. guest: pending the outcome of the storm on the east coast, we will see both candidates later in the week. governor romney was here last week and held a rally at red rock and thousands were turned away. the following day, he held a -- president obama held a rally in denver and drew a crowd estimated at 16,000. the governor this week ha
're going to come together and do the work that needs to be done. >> romney's softer tone did not last long. did he attack the president over his response to the killing of four americans in benghazi, libya. >>> the jobs report, tomorrow's number from the labor department will be the last one we'll get before the election. but we've already gotten an advance indicator this morning. payroll numbers. and the woman in the know, alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. so, share. >> reporter: adp says private employers added 158,000 jobs in october. this could be a good indication over the big show, and that is the government report that comes out friday. government jobs report expectations comes in at a bit less than that. pegging that number anywhere from 105,000 to 130,000. you know, any way you slice it, we're still at a point where we're only adding enough to barely keep up the population growth. it's not going to bring down unemployment in a significant way at this point. it's been kind of stuck. the economy added 114,000 jobs in september. this one is the last option before the el
on the state and the race and the circumstances. gary johnson, i think, will take more votes from mitt romney than barack obama but i do not think it will make a difference in any state unless we have three, four, five states that are squeakers and then you get in a situation like 2000 with ralph nader. as far as gary johnson's real impact, let's put it in context. since libertarians have run for president in the modern era, they have only one more than 1% a single time, i think it is 1980 when mr. clark was running against reagan and jimmy carter. otherwise they get about a half a percent or less of the national vote. even ron paul got half a percent, a belief, when he ran in 1988. so we are not talking about a whole lot of votes. so, they could be critical votes in certain states that are very close. we have an independent in virginia, former congressman virgil goode who once represented the area i am in right now, fifth district of virginia. he was a very popular congressman. he lost a reelection in 2008 in the obama wave by just a tiny number of votes, about 700. it was the closest congre
obama and mitt romney now officially back in attack mode. >> and have no doubt they will be back at it again today. just four days to go now before election day, and abc's karen travers joins us with more on the race. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, sunny. the travel schedule says it all. president obama is trying to shore up his midwestern fire wall, wisconsin, ohio, and iowa, while mitt romney is very focused on florida and virginia, two states he must win to win the presidency. that brief pause for superstorm sandy seems like a distant memory, and on the campaign trail, the attacks were back. but, wisconsin, my bet is on you. >> reporter: president obama's delivering his closing argument. >> i know what change looks like because i fought for it. you have, too, and all we've been through together, we sure as heck can't give up now. >> we're going to win on november 6th. i'll tell you that. >> reporter: he countered the president's closing argument. >> i believe america finally needs real changed. it was promised. we're going to give it to the
side of the row were he flipped over. four lanes of highway has been closed and so far there has not been any reports of injuries for the people were inside of this van. >> president obama and mitt romney are logging in some of their miles for the campaign trail. they're still looking for undecided voters for election day. the battleground states are ohio and virginia. mitt romney is holding campaign trails and--early voters are scrambling to cast their votes ahead of tuesday. about 25 million people have already voted in 34 states and the district of columbia. noble's will be counted until election day. so far democratic voters outnumber republicans will have voted early. republicans do have the edge in colorado. >> kron4 will have extended coverage on tuesday and it will started a o'clock p.m.. you can stay connected to our twitter and facebook page as well as >> the report states that the economy has added 171,000 jobs last month. >> we have highlights from this week's giants victory celebration. here is a sneak peek. >> we went to cincinnati and there were not as lo
've been talking to the leaders and they're intensely supporting mitt romney and paul ryan and why that's important, ohio is kind of the linchpin of the election and in ohio evangelicals constitute about 30% of the vote. and barack obama just carried ohio four years ago, but because john mccain had really done no outreach to the evangelicals and they were loaded up on our colleague mike huckabee, they stayed home. 300,000 evangelicals in ohio didn't vote in 2008. obama won by 260,000 votes. if they come out in large numbers more romney and ryan in ohio next tuesday, as they did for george bush in 2004 and 2000, i think that romney could take that state. stuart: now, are the evangelicals voting positively for mitt romney? because they like mitt romney? or are they voting negatively against president obama? because they don't like president obama? >> well, the good news for romney is that it's a combination of both. romney has done outreach to them. and richard land of the southern baptist convention has endorsed him. did that yesterday. he met with billy graham about three weeks ago, gra
the president calls romn-esia, the central argument is that if governor romney was elected everything would be hunky dory. nothing can be done in four years. for this is not just my opinion. the most important authorities in the world of financial crisis are two professors at harvard. 11 the nobel prize and a belief is a moderate republican. he's one of this evidence based guys. not very popular in the republican party. toaid you're kind enough send me a copy of your book. this time it is different. i read it. i want to ask you. is there any way anybody could have prepared all of the damage that barack obama bounce on the day he took office when we're losing 800,000 jobs a month? lease and no way. he said most countries that have these kind of damage to extend to any years to get over. we do not go back. he said we can beat that. in america we can beat that. because of our energy and productivity of our workers, our research and development. maybe we could beat that. we could do seven or eight years and do better. nobody could have done it in four years. what has happened in four years? the
applying since kindergarten. >> obama: on the closing weeks of this campaign governor romney has been using all of his talents as a salesman to dress up these very same policies that failed our countries so badly. the very same policies we have been cleaning up for the last four years. and he is offering them up at change. >> stephanie: exactly. and bloomberg that's huge his endorsement of the president. michael in new york. hey, michael? >> caller: hey, there sexy liberal momma. >> caller: how are you doing honey, you got power? >> caller: yeah i never lost it. but my heart and prayers are out to the others that did lost it. great show at the sexy liberal, and why the marathon is still going on. >> stephanie: why is that? >> caller: because bloomberg is absolutely insane in the membrane. and then let me mention something about the distance between obama and romney. obama has been responding to all of those affected by sandy. i'm going to be on with the governor tomorrow night. she is awesome. "stephanie miller show." [♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: it's hot actress
was by herself, four opposing her. it was outnumbered, wonderful. [laughter] the last example shows there's a few verbal debates that deserve to be pay-per-view events. there's a few. last week's debate between governor romney and the president, who enjoyed that one? [cheers and applause] that one was awesome. i enjoyed that one. [applause] tonight's debate between congressman paul ryan and the vice president biden, that should be a lot of fun. check in next week. [applause] i would have to see three is ann coulter versus whoopi goldberg. [laughter] that's extremely one sided in every definition of the term because you would not hear whoopi beeping out every response like they did last time ann was on "the view" which is unfair. the entertainment factor aside, ann is one word, "courageous," truly courageous, willing to use her amazing wit to highlight important issues of our day and describe herself as a to lem cyst who stirs the pot. her background prepared her well. she's a lawyer. she graduated from honors from cornell, graduate of university michigan law school, a columnist, author of eight "
will be in the today and trigger a will be drynight but cool. will be drynight bu[ mitt romney ] there are two very different paths the country can take. one is a path represented by thpresident, which, at the end of four years, it'd mean we'd have $20rillion in debt. i'll get people back to work with 12 million new jobs. i'm gonna make sure that wget people off of food stamps noty cutting the program but by getting them goojobs. i'll work with you. i'll lead you in an open and honest way and to makeke sure that we all together maintain america as the hope of the earth. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
. >> governor romney has been using all his talents as a salesman to dress up these very same policies that failed our country so badly. the very same policies we have been cleaning up after for the past four years. >> the candidates continue to sprint to the. election officials are insuring americans can the next week even with power outages in the contest and key swing state of ohio. the secretary of state office tells fox business all polling place is currently have power for early voting and the state anticipates a smooth election day. dennis: rich edson. cheryl: on the topic of election day five days from the election ap has filed the catawba campaign donors. for president obama more than three million each from chicago media group founder and hedge fund manager and hollywood film producer. recognize mr. katzenberg. for governor romney the numbers are much higher led by sheldon adelson and $44 million followed by founder of conglomerate and head of huge real-estate empire. those are the numbers. dennis: let's get to the stock exchange. starts a 315 minutes. what a rally. nicole: w
of usa today. the headline -- four days to seal the deal. after a brief campaign hiatus' courtesy of hurricane sandy, president obama and mitt romney resumed campaigning. the candidate's weekend travel schedules made it clear where the election was likely to be decided. obama was slated to return to ohio today. saturday, sunday and monday. he was set to appear in iowa, virginia, wisconsin, florida, new hampshire and colorado. romney was doubled to campaign in ohio, went -- wisconsin, new hampshire and virginia. statewide polls differ on who was ahead in colorado and i what it should obama with a single digit lead in nevada and wisconsin. eight of nine surveys are the past week and a crucial ohio give obama a narrow edge. and we will be focusing on a violator in today's "washington journal." and our swing state series. we want to hear from voters and not-swing states. we want to hear how the election is playing out how you are. and this from the baltimore sun, charging more the candidates will go in the next couple days. ting where the candidates will go in the next couple days. ag
, should not be close. okay. barack obama should by all rights by wiping the floor with romney. the fact we are near to electing an investment banker president four years after the financial crisis is astonishing to me. how is it even possible? you know, what made it possible was that the reason barack obama hasn't built up a roosevelt lead and hasn't, you know, won democratic majority and commerce last for forty years in the way roosevelt did, he never took the steps roosevelt did. he never tackled the situation directly. it's not just the bank bailout. that's the biggest failure. it's across the board. there was no direct federal hiring to deal with unemployment. we got a form of national health insurance. but come on, we got bob dole's plan. [laughter] you know. so, you know, okay. i don't know if i answered your question or not. [laughter] >> i can feel myself wandering off in to place i don't really want to be. hopefully we'll get to that in the question time. >> i'm depressed i forget what the question was. [laughter] let me ask you one more depressing question and i think it's time f
, but says maybe not this time voted for president obama in 2008. four years later, he's making a change of his on. michael, you say you have a confession to make. >> right. yes. i'm voting for mitt romney this time of the in my column, i explain why. just looking at the president there, you remember sort of the high hopes i think that at that point, after the election, what everybody was hoping that he would do. i was among those who hoped he would do what he said he would do, which was essentially unite the country around core principles and not everybody, but 60, 65% of the public to support big issue, big reforms, then you really have change in america. >> gretchen: instead, many people argue that the last four years have been the most partisan time in politics ever. >> yes. i have think he's, as i say in the column, why i turned against him essentially. i think he's dishouston texans. i think that was the big lie, that he would unite the country. second, i think he's incompetent. i see how he governed benghazi, being the latest example. but the budget, debt, all these issues. he mad
,000 in a row that showed that 47 race. and then mitt romney's comments, the 47% comments came out and tim kaine took the lead there. he was of the most of the public polling by four or five points going into the early part of october. i think that has tightened a little bit. we did see the "washington post" poll earlier this week showing him leading by a much larger number. i am not sure i buy that one. i do think that tim kaine is ahead by two, three, four points but on election day this is meant to be a close contest. i still give him the edge but george allen is not dead by any means yet. >> host: if you are interested in hearing from those candidates that reid willson just talked about, we've covered many of the debates of these closely contested senate races. reid willson editor-in-chief of the hot line. thank you for your time this morning. >>> sandy signals an area of extreme weather. this is the page has to say. even before sandy turned atlantic city monday a debate was raging and scientific government circles over whether the monster hurricane was a spawn of global warming. climate cha
voters, those leaning one way or the other on the fence, are basically saying i do not want four more years of this. at the end an election boils down to a simple computation as to whether you want this to continue or not. i think that the tipping is going to romney. he's picking up tremendous momentum and i expect as i have expected for a year, a landslide victory for romney. not a close one. >> in the op-ed pages of the "wall street journal," so right now we've got growth at less than 2%. to put it in perspective they write in the third quarter of 992 growth came in at 4.2% and democrats called it a catastrophe. here we are with a growth rate i think about 1.7 on average. we spent $5 trillion to get us there? >> yeah. well, the 5 trillion didn't get us there, it kept us there. because the idea is that this level of borrowing did more harm than the spending it paid for did good. while the spending injected money into the economy, the debt scared everybody so that nobody was willing to spend it. >> what about the argument from the left that this president saved us from a great depress
in "the war room." >> this isn't a date. these are people's jobs. these are people's lives. >> only four days to go until the election and the final push begins. team obama and team romney crisscross the country making their case and trying to pick up every last swing state vote they can. the ground game working around the clock. the air game, in carpet bomb mode. the surrogates, surrogating. two men, four days, and the future of our country at stake. if you're scared, get a dog. >> jennifer: first things first. let's get you up-to-date from the aftermath of hurricane sandy. today new york city announced it will not hold it's annual marathon after complaints that it would drain resources from emergency responders. one of the biggest problems facing the area has been a major gas shortage with many of the stations that are out of power or out of gas or both. today the federal government turned to the defense department to deliver 24 million gallons of extra fuel and lift restrictions on deliveries by foreign ships. governor andrew cuomo waved taxes on fuel tangors. in new jersey governor c
: in the last four years you cut lances on federal land and waters in half. >> obama: not true. >> romney: how much did you cut them. >> obama: not true. governor, we produced more oil. >> cenk: yeah, i'm more pro-oil more pro-coal and then i brag that i drill more than president bush. and then bragging how romney isn't pro coal enough. i was. >> listening to governor romney talking about how he was the champion of coal. when he was the governor, he stood in front of a coal fire plant and said this plant kills people. now he's running around talking like he's mr. coal. come on. come on. you know that's not on the level. does anybody ever actually look at that guy and think he's really into coal? >> cenk: ha, ha, ha, romney is not into coal enough. if you elect an democrat we'll really be into coal. even into coal even more. climate change, mtv who gives a damn about that. and did it help? did your strategy a piece oil and coal, did it help? no super pacs run by the coal and oil industries are running this ad against president obama any way. >> we can build on that rock for generations to come.
to be busy. let's start with governor romney who is going to hit seven states between now and election day, including four on sunday alone. tonight he is in ohio. in fact, both of the candidates are in ohio today. he plans to stand with 100 supporters, celebrities, and politicians backing his campaign. governor romney last night was in virginia beach. this was a makeup rally from before the storm. the president's campaign is running out of steam. meantime, president obama also hitting sechbl states between now and election day with the closeness on ohio. he will be in ohio every day until voters head to the polls. the president making his closing argument and focusing on that must-win state. he is also picking up a key endorsement from new york mayor michael bloomberg. earlier in the week he said they were too busy to have a presidential visit. >>> tracie pots for us in washington. thank you. >>> more political news for you. missouri senate candidate todd akin gained national attention for the legitimate rape comments. now he's got an ad with two women talking about of all things rape. >>
here. >> stephanie: too bad. it is the "stephanie miller show." thirty-four minutes after the hour. jim we have one tidbit left in right-wing world. who is always the most wrong pundit ever? think. dick morris. >> you are standing by your prediction of a romney landslide? >> absolutely. romney will win this election by five to ten points and will carry more than 300 electoral votes. >> you know morris i have you booked from one week from tonight. >> but is my appearance going to be before or after you buy me dinner. [ applause ] >> stephanie: oh boy. you can read that in my book. this race will be between hilary and condy. >> how much will it cost? >> stephanie: kids we have turnout to worry about. ben jealous joining us now. good morning, ben. >> good morning. good morning. clearly the polls are looking good but you can't say it enough, turnout, turnout, turnout, and ground game right? >> yeah, this year folks really have to turn out, and really if you will find that reason deep inside them. and what we say at the naacp is look if somebody thinks your vote is imp
. >> mitt romney. vampire hunter. >> we're taking off your head. this ax is just the right height, my friend. >> he ran for president for four score and seven years. >> vampires have any experience running a business. >> mitt romney. vampire hunter. shall not perish. from the earth. [ laughter ] >> that's hysterical. is that all you jim? >> stephanie: that was rocky mountain mike. >> oh, god. la la, la. i didn't know you had halloween hits. that was actual mitt romney vampire hunter. where is the halloween music damn it? >> stephanie: karla in idaho. >> caller: hi. >> stephanie: hi, go ahead. >> caller: i had to call in because i remember watching elvira when i was living in what is now west hollywood and i would come home from the local gay bar a little early and turn on the television and this woman comes on. i called all of my lesbian friends, all of the gay men i knew and said you've got to turn it on channel 11, i believe it was and watch this woman. she's fabulous! and it was like she brought camp to
it has been in the last four years, 32-consecutive months of positive job growth. it sort of takes the wind out of the sales of the romney administration that this economy is in the toilet. >> these guys would love to talk down the economy and tell you things are a lot worse than they really are, what they -- and here is worst of all. they want to go back to the same policies that got us into this mess. that's the biggest hoodwink of all. they want to go back to the same tax cuts for the wealthy showered on them, even though they are doing great, hoping that will trickle down to folks in the middle class. that's what got us into this mess, and what we spent four years digging ourselves out of. we can't go back to the same policies that we had under president bush. >> bill: yeah. almost every one of my liberal, democratic friends i talked to say, i'm really nervous i'm really nervous about tuesday. you must hear that too. what do you tell people? >> i think a little nervousness is okay. because what i want us to do is -- look we remember 2000? right? we lost florid
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